UNDER ARMOUR Shows Off Muscles in its Flagship Stores

Established in 1996, UNDER ARMOUR is a young brand in the sportswear market. But thanks in part to its marketing strategy, Under Armour has already overtaken Adidas as the second largest sportswear brand in the U.S. and is now toppling Nike.



The brand is famous to endorse iconic ambassadors such as the NBA Superstar Stephen Curry.


Under Armour is also focusing on the strategic female market. Gisèle Bundchen or Mitsy Copeland are ones of the brand ambassadors for their dedicated sport outfit collection.



Under Armour retail strategy is mainly based on “Brand House” stores.

Starting in 2012, Under Armour wanted to create an experiential environment that supports athletes, and to tell stories about the brand’s most innovative products. They also wanted to offer the best and brightest staff, or “teammates,” with specific skills and passion for a particular end use. Finally, the company was committed to infusing the space with familiar elements that demonstrate their respect of the local roots of the customer base.

Under Armour currently operated 7 brand houses in the US:

  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Soho, New York
  • Mall of America, Minneapolis,
  • MN Keystone Crossing, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Westchester, New York
  • Chicago, Illinois




Brand House Baltimore 2

Under Armour has recently moved into Chicago, opening the latest and revised version of its flagship store.

The Chicago new Brand House features nearly 30,000 square feet (twice the size of the first Brand House stores) of interactive retail space and delivers a fully immersive brand experience, telling the brand story through digital displays designed to inform and inspire visitors