URBANSPACE Urban Regeneration Expert

URBANSPACE Urban Regeneration Expert

Physical retail is poised to bring people together and provide a valuable customer experience. There is no way out to remain relevant in the long run against the efficiency and reliability of online retail.

Most shopping malls are no longer qualified to win the competition. Over-standardized and definitely not cool enough for the younger generations, they are inexorably declining and increasingly considered as a commodity.

Meanwhile, it is striking to see how a new generation of urban markets are popping up in some major cities across the Western world. They are definitely neither modern nor eye catching but amazingly energetic and positive. Most of the time organised around a large number of food options, they massively attract people happy to share a positive, genuine and straightforward experience.

In Paris, “Le marché des enfants rouges” is one of those places that both Parisians (young and wealthy most of the time) and tourists enjoy to spend some time in and eat out. A covered market providing with a lifestyle experience.


URBANSPACE is a New York-based developer specialised in setting up markets in derelict city spaces or temporary available areas which create vibrant new places for community and commercial gathering. The company makes sure that small business (especially food and arts) can find the right environment to thrive. Each and every market fits the unique characteristics of its neighbourhood. And that makes all the difference.

Urbanspace was founded in 1970 and has developed around 50 projects since then. Urbanspace developments comprise dozens of amazingly energetic and imaginative markets and food halls located both in London and New York City.

Here are some of their achievements.

In London  :




In New York City :






UrbanSpace is carefully selecting every vendor who needs to apply through a comprehensive process which includes tastings for new applicants.

UrbanSpace has proved to be visionary 40 years ago at a time when investors were mainly focused on regional shopping centers developments. The company has proved to be an expert in giving birth to popular urban spaces that bring the best of physical retail : getting people together, encouraging new businesses, fostering local community by transforming city spaces. Hats off.