Villa Augustus Restaurant is Amazingly Organic

Villa Augustus Restaurant is Amazingly Organic

It turns out that The Netherlands are taking organic food really seriously. Following the amazing experience offered by Lindenhoff, let’s head today to a town named Dordrecht to discover a food concept that I really enjoyed: Villa Augustus. Villa Augustus is a hospitality concept that combines a hotel located in the former city’s water tower, a restaurant dedicated to organic food, and a concept store.


The restaurant is really worth a visit. The place is dedicated to organic and local food, part of which is cultivated in the vegetable garden surrounding the building.



Before entering the restaurant, you walk into a concept store which adresses multiples purposes: a supermarket + a bakery + home accessories. Creative, Charming and tasty.






In the store you can also find some products that Villa Augustus sells under its own brand.


As soon as you walk in the restaurant, you are amazed by the atmosphere of the gigantic premises. A professional and busy open kitchen is setting the tone. This is definitely the place to be in Dordrecht.





On the menu, you can treat yourself with local and organic food. Being aware that most of the vegetables on your plate are coming from the local garden is both a great feeling and experience.


Villa Augustus food concept is a new illustration of the “from farm to table” major trend in the restaurant business which I had recently the opportunity to talk about in my article about American restaurant chain DIG INN. It is reassuring to see that restaurants that put healthy and local food at the heart of their concept are so creative.