Vintage Standards Used clothing store Reinvented

Vintage Standards Used clothing store Reinvented

Part of “Eureka Fripes” group, which already runs 40 stores specialized in second-hand clothes, mainly in France, the first Vintage Standards store has opened in central Paris. If, until now, a “fripes store” tends to look like a quite shabby and cluttered zone where just a few nice items among hundreds are really worth the visit, Vintage Standards is poised to reinvent this market.


From now on, you should forget about “used clothing” atmosphere and image. Welcome to “vintage clothing”. And this is making all the difference. The brand positions itself as the first vintage clothing supermarket with around 25,000 items for both men and women. Vintage Standard is a true retail concept that delivers a really positive customer experience. Let’s head for a guided tour.

  • First, Vintage Standards store is remarkable for its façade and storefronts which aesthetic is directly inspired by more upscale fashion boutiques. Both the mannequins and the dynamic signage system are catching people’s attention. The brand itself has been also carefully designed. Nice font and logo. Good job


  • Right from the entrance, the brand is showcasing its very straightforward pricing policy: each clothing category comes with a unique price whatever the brand. That will make your retail journey much easier.


  • The checkout area, directly inspired from a food supermarket look & feel, is both fun and coherent with the store concept.


  • The store is literally packed with clothes but everything is tidy and easy to reach. The dynamic signage system is really efficient. No need to ask the staff to find your way in the store. It reminded me the signage implemented in some Uniqlo and American Apparel stores.



  • Accessories are more creatively yet simply displayed to make a difference in the store.



  • So are the jeans. Essential pieces of modern wardrobe.


  • Value for Money price image is all over the place.


  • For those who did not get the store price policy, I noticed that each and every item is individually tagged with a barcode.


  • The changing rooms are fun and creative. Simple and second-hand materials are put together to deliver a seamless shopper experience.


To wrap up this visit, I truly believe that Vintage Standards retail concept is totally relevant to attract savvy and fashion conscious shoppers on a budget. At a time when brands like Primark are leading the fast-fashion market, Vintage Standards gives everyone the opportunity to get more original clothing at a very low price. Moreover, Vintage Standards business can benefit from sustainability values. Recycling clothes – and all consumer goods in general – is valued in our western economies.

Fashion + very low prices + meaning. A winning equation in my opinion, don’t you think ?

My few little concerns about the store are :

  • first, its location in Paris. Boulevard Saint Germain is not really a young and popular nor fashion area contrary to more eastern districts.
  • Furthermore, I regret that the store has not installed a fragrance dispenser. The second-hand clothes are always a bit smelly and this is not engaging sometimes.

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