WEGMAN The Most Appreciated Grocery Store

WEGMAN The Most Appreciated Grocery Store

When it comes to high-end, local and organic food stores in the US, you may spontaneously think about Trader Joe’s or Whole Food Market.  Considering their large store networks throughout the country, it makes sense.

However, they are not the most appreciated grocery stores in the US. They have been outperformed by a 100-year-old family business grocery chain with almost 90 stores across just six states along the East Coast:  WEGMAN’S. And last but not least, the brand ranks also 4th on the 2016 Best Companies To Work For list, the highest spot for a retailer. Happier employees almost certainly help create a happier shopping environment.

From great service to reasonable prices, here are a few reasons why shoppers are crazy about Wegmans.

  • Legman’s is an extraordinary employer. It is a relentless, passionate effort to make sure that every one of the company’s 41,000 people is happy, well cared-for, and given extensive avenues for growth. Wegmans’ employees enjoy flexible scheduling, broad career track opportunities, and eligibility for the company’s lauded scholarship program, which has to date given over $81 million in educational assistance to more than 25,000 employees. The company’s family-friendly approach even offers such unusual benefits as adoption assistance.


  • The store concept is appealing. The environment is like an enormous, impeccably merchandised open-air market, in stark contrast to the cold, white linoleum and fluorescent environment that has defined the industry for generations. Unlike in those sterile supermarkets, nobody rushes from aisle to aisle trying to get the shopping done as quickly as possible. People move slowly and look around, as if in an art gallery. Customers relax at exotic tea bars, choose from multiple eat-in options, take home chef-prepared meals, even custom-blend their gorp of choice at a trail-mix bar.



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  • Since the 90’s, Wegman’s has pioneered the gluten free products market even when its was just a niche business.


  • Wegmans offers reasonable prices on both brand-name and private label products.


  • Produce area is remarkable.




  • Many of the grocery chain’s locations have cafés, pizzerias, and buffets. There are also seating areas where you can enjoy the food.


  • Be a force for good in the community. Wegman’s is known for its philanthropy and community involvement.