When Coworking Space Meets Organic Restaurant

When Coworking Space Meets Organic Restaurant

EAT TWO WORK is a Paris-based hybrid concept combining a 35-seat comfortable co-working area and a traditional restaurant which is specialised in organic and local food. However, the two spaces are run independently. You can eat at the restaurant without using the co-working area and the other way round.


Eat Two Work’s positioning has a lot to do with its founder’s professional background. Thomas Binder, a German entrepreneur who has been living in France for 20 years, used to run several restaurants before selling them to start Eat Two Work. Located in a former 250 sq m textile warehouse in a fancy and lively neighbourhood of Eastern Paris, Eat Two Work has opened last January to tackle several issues and opportunities.

  • In Paris, independant workers and start-ups are often struggling to rent office space, not only because offices are expensive but also because they are rarely flexible enough to adapt to their needs. For example, when it comes to hire new temporary staff for a project it is sometimes impossible to rent additional space to install the new team.
  • Even though numerous co-working spaces are now available in Paris, there is room for niche projects such as EatTwo Work : a human scaled co-working office with high-quality amenities and services (high speed Wifi, air conditioning, reception desk, meeting rooms and company registered address option).
  • Lastly, Eat Two Work has identified a specific customer target group to grow its business in the future: the French-German community in Paris. As the two countries have tight commercial and cultural links together, it does make sense. And Thomas Binder is already well known in this community.





Eat Two Work’s coworking fares:

  • €4  /hour (excluding VAT)
  • € 20 /day
  • € 400 /month (5-hour meeting room included)
  • From € 14 to € 24 per hour for the meeting rooms according to their surface

The restaurant is the second pillar of Eat Two Work concept. The daily menu is based on three core values:

  • fresh products
  • prepared on the spot
  • locally grown and organic



An interesting fact is that Eat Two Work has dealt with local food businesses from the same neighbourhood. For example, the  bread comes from the bakery located a few minutes from the restaurant whereas coffee is from the coffee bean roster in the same street. Only the beer is from Germany. A much appreciated advantage for the targeted community.



Eat Two Work counts on positive word-of-mouth within the German community in Paris to raise its reputation and attract start-ups. Anyway, the location where the concept is based is already home of a great number of entrepreneurs specialised in design and digital. A robust customer base to start from.