World of Food Amsterdam. Inspiring food concept

New restaurants and food concepts pop up everywhere. Though generally eye catching, they often fail to generate a true emotion among its visitors in the long run. Too much marketing and design and not enough simplicity and warm atmosphere.

World of Food Amsterdam is an open food hall recently opened in the outskirts of Amsterdam in a former warehouse.

World of Food Amsterdam is a food paradise for exotic cuisine lovers which attracts both emigrants living in the neighborhood who can buy food from their native countries, but also a lot of Amsterdam inhabitants from wealthier parts of the city.

World of Food Amsterdam makes it easy for visitors to have some bites in a wide range of ethnic stalls in a warm, simple and colorful atmosphere.

Quite surprisingly at first sight, World of Food Amsterdam even showcases a Mc Donald’s restaurant. But when you think of it, you can easily realize that the fast food joint helps to mix every culture at the same place. World of Food Amsterdam is not an “exotic ghetto”. It is basically  a place that connects culture and people around a common set of values : food and hospitality.


World of Food Amsterdam is a great success so far. Prices are cheap and the restaurants serve tasty authentic food.

A truly inspiring concept that should be implemented elsewhere in Europe, especially in these countless traditional shopping centers established in the outskirts of big cities, which suffer from a lack of originality and standardised offers.

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