YVES ROCHER Flagship Store in Paris

YVES ROCHER Flagship Store in Paris

YVES ROCHER is a French global leading cosmetics brand which produces high-quality, mass-priced products, sold through both franchised and self-owned retail networks. The brand has always been committed to using wholly natural plant ingredients to enhance and preserve women’s beauty.

The brand has recently renovated its Flagship store, located on the prestigious Champs-Elysées.

Designed by the French retail agency Workshop, the Flasghip store is poised to celebrate both Nature and innovation, the two main pillars of the brand.



I am clearly not in the customer target group of Yves Rocher. But nonetheless, as Yves Rocher is a major cosmetic brand and retailer, I wanted to give my impression about this flagship store through a retail design eye.

I would like to point out 5 main insights from this visit :

  • The store is organized and divided into 4 thematic shop-in-shop dedicated to skin care, body care, hair care and bath. Fortunately, a beautiful and efficient wayfinding system makes it clear for visitors and shoppers. I say fortunately because the store layout is pretty complicated. The two-storey Flagship is a string of several small spaces with low ceilings, linked together by winding and narrow corridors and staircases.


  • The general feeling is that the store looks like an upscale and professional beauty salon. Both materials and product displays are noble and the lighting system is equally efficient and pleasant.




  • The brand expertise is showcased throughout the store. Numerous “beauty services” small counters allow visitors to benefit from store’s associates expertise on make-up and hair care.




  • The store concept pays a vibrant tribute to the founder of the company and the values he has always promoted : natural ingredients and continuous innovation for women’s beauty. Like in a museum, the shoppers are engaged to learn more about the company and its innovative mindset throughout their visit, thanks to beautiful and creative displays and infographics.







  • 5 – The store is also educational about the product range. You can find many interesting information about the products or the experts who invented them. Innovation is also enhanced by clear and catchy POS displays.





What is the bottom line of my “embedded experience” at Yves Rocher Flagship Store ?

  • First and foremost, we can see the store has undergone a thorough and careful retail design job. A few creative elements are also displayed in the store in order to make a big impression on visitors, like a chandelier made of Y letters or green walls.




  • Thanks to is design, the store is super clean and neat and perfectly matches the brand DNA. But neither really edgy nor spectacular. I had also the feeling that the design mainly focuses on the brand and not enough on people and beauty. The strategic bias to design a museum-like store results in a place where emotion and excitement are somehow lacking. But we can’t have it all.
  • The visual impact of the store is hampered by its layout complexity. Even the chandelier could not be located in the middle of the ground floor, and has been placed in a peripheral location. Too bad.
  • I also think that the facade could have been even more “botanic”. Why not adding letters made of flowers to enhance the brand – even temporarily – on the banner ? I think it would have had both impact and sense. And encourage people on the street to take pictures and share their experience on social media. Moreover, I would have suggested to start the vegetal banner just to the right of the chandelier (in order to make it fully visible from the outside) and would have removed the “eye make-up” ad banner, which prevents people in the street to see the store. Not a big deal but retail is detail.


Located a few steps from the store, on the same side of the Avenue, the MAC Flasgship store sheds an interesting light on Yves Rocher visit. Even though the two brands don’t share the same positioning at all, we can see that MAC has taken advantage of an extra high-ceiling ground floor location to create an immersive and eye-catching retail concept.